The south of the district of Bages seen from La Balconada de Sant Pau, in Manresa


El medi natural del Bages, the environment of Bages, is a study with a large goal: the nature as a whole, from geological and biological both view points, of the diverse district of Bages. The scope is the district according to the boundaries in force in 1999; therefore it includes the municipalities of Calders, Monistrol de Calders, Moià, Santa Maria d'Oló and L'Estany that in 2015 left Bages to join the new district of Moianès.

The study focus in two directions. On the one hand, an accurate synthesis to present only the really important issues is needed; on the other hand, every topic has to be explained in a friendly and intelligible way. The images must communicate the beauty and the knowledge of the nature of Bages district at once.

The plain of Bages seen from the Collbaix mountain (Manresa)

El medi natural del Bages (The environment of Bages) is arranged in 20 chapters, everyone dedicated to one subject -the climate, the geomorphology, the environmental damages,...- or to one specific ecosystem -the oakwoods, the riverside forest, the wetlands,...- that is found in the district of Bages. Every chapter consist in one page of introduction and a set of pages that are devoted to one species driving there or to one specific subject of the ecosystem. The set of pages from one chapter is arranged in one gallery of images. The accesses to these pages about species or specific subjects go through the gallery of images, through the indexs of species or through the news in the web.

The indexs of species are sorted first according to systematic groups -fungi, flowering plants, crustaceans, insects, birds...-, then arranged in alphabetic order alternatively by scientific name, popular name or, depending on the group, by order or family.

The page news in the web lists significant additions and changes as soon as added.

The two mountain ranges of conglomerate that are located in the south of the district of Bages, the Serra de l'Obac -on the right corner the summit L'Espluga de l'Obac- and Montserrat -in the background- are both protected as a Natural Park areas.

El medi natural del Bages is fully bilingual, Catalan and Spanish, and chapters of geomorphology, rocks ands minerals, fossils, geological history, climate, oakwoods and ICHN-Bages are available in English as well.
The logos change from one to another language.

The logo links to images of same species in the website Espai de les sortides naturalistes de la ICHN-Bages, in Catalan.

The logo links to the blog Fauna of Catalunya Central, by Jordi Comellas, in Catalan.

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El medi natural del Bages is a collective work of the ICHN's delegation of Bages. It started in 1999 with the ICHN's centenary and it is periodically reviewed and updated.

The photos and charts -these are 5090 illustrations in total- as well as the texts are originals of the authors and contributors.

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Xavier Adot i Fernàndez
Jordi Badia i Guitart
Oriol Oms i Llobet
Montse Porta i Arnaiz
Marta Queralt López i Salvans
Florenci Vallès i Sala

Esteve Badia i Orive
Jordi Badia i Guitart

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